Aging and Geriatric Faculty



Donald R. Royall, M.D.
Chief of the Division, and the Julia and Van Buren Parr Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry,
Professor Departments of Psychiatry, Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology, (210) 567-1255,

Jason Schillertsom, M.D.
Associate Professor, Director of Psychiatry Residency Training, (210) 567-5440,

Jeffrey Cordes, M.D.
Assistant Professor and Director of Geriatric Psychiatry Residency Program, (210) 699-2100 ext. 2120,

Ricardo Salazar, M.D.
Assistant Professor, (210) 567-5484,


Research :

Maria Sanchez, Administrative Assistant-Associate
(210) 567-1236 Office
(210) 567-1269 Fax

Marsha Polk, M.M.Ed., Research Area Specialist-Senior
(210) 567-1236 Office
(210) 567-1269 Fax

Mailing Address:

University of Texas Health Science Center
Department of Psychiatry MS 7792
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, TX 78229-3900
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