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Psychotherapy Training Program

Welcome to the UTHSCSA Department of Psychiatry Psychotherapy Training Program

Thank you for considering our program! Specializing in treatment for depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief processing, and stress management, the Psychotherapy Training Program provides low cost individual, couples, and group psychotherapy.

Clients work weekly in 45 minute sessions with doctoral candidates and medical doctors training in the art of psychotherapy. Each session is supervised by a trained and experienced therapist to optimize client care and assist in the therapeutic process.

Psychotherapy Session

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is psychotherapy? Do I qualify? How do I apply? What will it cost? What hours are available? How do I contact the Psychotherapy Training Program? Will my treatment be kept confidential?


Application and Forms:

Psychotherapy Application Notice of Privacy Practices
Policies Acknowledgement of Receipt of Privacy Practices
E-mail Authorization Agreement Release of Health Records
Fee Schedule  
Client Availability  

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a means of improving emotional health by learning new ways of coping with stress, new ways of looking at one's situation, and by forming an alliance with a therapist. By carefully listening to and forming an understanding of each client's unique situation, personality construct, and ways of coping, psychotherapy can help a person better deal with current and future life problems.

Therapists in training use a variety of techniques from leading therapy types including psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy models. Occasionally, this form of treatment is combined with the use of medications.

Do I qualify?

  • Applicants should be available for weekly 45 minute individual, couples, or group sessions and desire assistance with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief processing, or stress management. Insurance is not required nor accepted. Instead, a low fee based on our Fee Schedule assists with administrative and supervisory costs.

  • Talk therapy is not for everyone and at times can make some problems worse. Applicants experiencing difficulty with mental health issues of an emergency nature, for example feeling suicidal or homicidal, should seek treatment at the nearest emergency center.

  • Likewise, applicants who have recently been hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital or who are struggling with substance-dependence may not be well-suited for psychotherapy here and are best treated by his or her primary psychiatrist, psychologist, or by a drug and alcohol treatment center until such issues have improved.

    Should you have questions of whether psychotherapy is right for you, please contact us at the number below.

How do I apply?

Applicants can complete the Psychotherapy Application, Client Availability, Policies, and Privacy Protection forms and e-mail, fax, or bring them to the Psychotherapy Training Program with an income statement. If you need assistance completing the application, staff is available to work with you. Your application will be reviewed, and you may be contacted by the director of the Psychotherapy Training Program prior to determining whether psychotherapy is right for you.

What will it cost?

The fee for participating in the Psychotherapy Training Program is $40 for the initial evaluation and $20 for an initial group psychotherapy evaluation. Fees are accepted as payment for supervisory and administrative expenses only and not for the therapy provided. Fees for weekly psychotherapy sessions following the initial evaluation are low and based upon the income-based Fee Schedule. Fees can only be paid by cash or check.

While we do not accept insurance, should you have insurance, you will be charged your normal co-pay, and your insurance will not be billed. Unfortunately we cannot accept applicants with Medicare or Medicaid.


Fees will need to be paid by cash or check.

What hours are available?

Psychotherapy is provided Monday and Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, based upon the therapist availability. We request that you complete our Client Availability form so that we can best accommodate your schedule.

Therapists are available for questions or scheduling during regular business hours. For emergency situations, we request that clients contact his or her closest emergency center.

How do I contact the Psychotherapy Training Program? For any questions you might have regarding applications, policies, psychotherapy, or scheduling, you may contact us by telephone, mail, or e-mail.

Psychotherapy Training Program Office
Department of Psychiatry, 7703 Floyd Curl, Mail Code 7792, San Antonio, TX 78229-3900
Telephone: (210) 567-5430
Fax: (210) 567-0817

Will my treatment be kept confidential?

All treatment by Psychotherapy Training Program therapists follows the privacy practices as applicable under HIPAA and UTHSCSA Privacy Practices. We request that you read and sign a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices prior to beginning therapy with us.