Department of Psychiatry

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Training
in Clinical Psychology


Entrance requirements for Post-Doctoral Fellowship Training include completion of all requirements for doctoral degree in professional psychology from a program accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the American Psychological Association and completion of an internship in professional psychology accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the American Psychological Association. Other specific educational requirements, prior skills, knowledge, or abilities may be imposed by particular training sites.

Course Director:

Donald McGeary, PhD, ABPP
Director, Clinical Psychology Residency and Fellowship Training Programs

Description of Educational Programs:

Post-doctoral fellowship training in Clinical Psychology is an organized and educational training program that follows the receipt of a doctoral degree based upon a program of study in professional psychology. This post-doctoral training is designed to develop advanced competency and expertise for professional practice of psychology. Post-doctoral training recognizes psychology as a profession of a science and affords opportunities for supervised practice and advanced training in the integration of science and practice. The over-arching goal of training is to promote and enhance quality of practice by providing extensive exposure to the knowledge base of scientific aspects of practice and by expanding that knowledge base through research. The post-doctoral fellowship provides the supervised experience required for generic licensing at the doctoral level. Post-doctoral fellowship training offers systematic education and supervised service opportunities in designated specialty areas, but does not certify specialist competency.