Department of Psychiatry

Residency Research Track


Dawn Velligan, Ph.D.



Mentor: Dawn L. Velligan, Ph.D.

Faculty and Administrative Position:
Associate Professor, Director of the Division of Community Recovery, Research and Training


Biography: Dr. Velligan graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1998 with a degree in Clinical Psychology. She has been a member of the UTHSCSA Department of Psychiatry since 1995 and is the current Co-Director of the Division of Community Recovery, Research and Training. Her research interests include cognitive deficits and negative symptoms associated with schizophrenia, functional outcomes, and psychosocial interventions to improve functional outcomes for individuals with this illness. An additional research focus is on adherence to oral antipsychotic medications for individuals living in the community. Her research is funded by NIH support, NARSAD support and industry sponsored clinical trial research.



David L. Roberts, Ph.D.

Mentor: David A. Roberts, Ph.D.
Faculty and Administrative Position:
Assistant Professor


Biography: Dr. Roberts is a clinical psychologist conducting research on psychosocial treatment and social cognition in psychosis. He uses normative models of judgment and decision-making, primarily from social psychology, to understand and enhance community functioning among individuals with mental illnesses. Current projects include treatment outcome studies of social cognitive interventions, develepment of instruments for measuring social cognition in psychosis, and studies examining links between social cognition, social functioning and immune function.