Department of Psychiatry

We invite you to be our guest and discover the array of educational, clinical and research opportunities that await you at University of Texas School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. With 40 years of experience in psychiatric education, UTHSCSA is home to a vibrant community of students, faculty, staff, partnerships, and affiliates- in the heart of San Antonio. Our programs of study are designed to educate excellent, caring and compassionate clinicians and researchers for the service and advancement of healthcare, both locally and around the world.


Chairman's Welcome


Pedro L. Delgado, M. D.
Professor and Chairman
Dielmann Distinguished Chair in Psychiatry

Thank you for visiting the Psychiatry webpage. On this website you will find descriptions of various aspects of our department and of the people and programs that underlie its success. The Department of Psychiatry at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio is recognized as one of the leading sites in the world for clinical research into the treatment of several important mental disorders in adults as well as children. Our educational programs are ranked as among the best in the nation. This is entirely due to the outstanding faculty, staff, and students that make up the department. Psychiatry is the only medical specialty dedicated to the treatment of people suffering with the brain disorders that affect emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Along with training in general medicine and the biology of brain function, we also specialize in understanding people's inner and private experience of life and how this influences their relationships and interactions with others.


Our department is organized and oriented towards three simple goals:

  • Promoting the Highest Quality of Care for People with Mental Illness and Chemical Dependency.
    Helping people with mental disorders and/or chemical dependency achieve a full recovery, completely regaining independent function in all areas, including social relationships, work, and spiritual aspects of their lives.

  • Promoting Excellence in Care Through Education.
    Training of mental health professionals, scholars, and scientists who will be leaders in the field of psychiatry and behavioral medicine.

  • Transforming Mental Health Care Through Research.
    Developing pace-setting research programs aimed at increasing the number of effective new treatments and paving the way towards a cure for serious and persistent mental disorders

We aspire to:

  • Be the preferred choice for people seeking treatment for mental illness in the region and to be a destination site for people seeking specialized care for difficult-to-treat mental disorders world-wide.

  • Be considered as among the best and most sought after sites in the world for training in clinical and research aspects of behavioral health care.

  • Be among the top research sites in the world for work advancing our understanding the pathophysiology of mental illness and improving treatment for children and adults with severe mental illness.

  • Embrace an interdisciplinary and intellectually broad approach to enhancing care for people with mental illness and substance dependence.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Psychiatry and its Divisions is to assist in developing resources to advance the treatment of the mentally ill and improve the mental health of the people of Texas with special emphasis on the San Antonio and South Texas area by:

  • providing education in psychiatry and behavioral sciences to medical students, physicians and other health service professionals at all levels
  • conducting research into causes and treatment of mental illness
  • delivering exemplary quality psychiatric health care, in a manner which facilitates the educational and research missions of the department
  • working with mental health facilities and groups in the community, the state and the nation to improve the treatment of the mentally ill and extend training and research resources of the Department.


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