Department of Psychiatry

Psychotherapy Training Program


Lawrence Schoenfeld, PhD

Lawrence S. Schoenfeld, Ph.D., ABPP

Director, Psychotherapy Training Program

The Psychotherapy Training Program offers psychiatry and psychology residents the opportunity to develop psychotherapeutic skills. While making low-cost psychotherapy available to participants in the community, therapists-in-training are provided with prescreened patients for working in weekly psychotherapy sessions under the guidance of an experienced psychotherapy supervisor. Therapists-in-training learn to address many psychotherapeutic issues, including issues of depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief processing, and stress management, among others in a individual, couples, or group therapy format. The training resident learns techniques and theories from many therapy types including psychodynamic, CBT, behavioral, and interpersonal approaches. It is the Psychotherapy Training Program's hope that these experiences will increase the residents breadth of knowledge and increase awareness, skills, and confidence in utilizing psychotherapy as a treatment.


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