Department of Psychiatry

Southwest Brain Bank

Tissue Requests

In order to evaluate request for tissue, the Southwest Brain Bank requires that you provide the following information (return by email or fax):

Southwest Brain Bank Graphic
  1. Fill out the Southwest Brain Bank Investigator Request Form pdf document
  2. A list of approved grant support for your research program (i.e., Federal grant number, foundation or other private support, or identify current collaboration or mentor-trainee affiliations).
  3. An abstract or specific aims that clearly describes the project for which you will use the postmortem brain tissue (brief background, project goals and objectives, and experimental design).
  4. A copy of your curriculum vitae or NIH biosketch.
  5. Upon approval of the request, you will have to read and sign the Postmortem Brain Tissue Transfer Agreement that discusses the following issues:
    1. HUMAN TISSUE HANDLING RISKS & SAFETY PRECAUTIONS STATEMENT. This will acknowledge your responsibility in understanding or and adherence to appropriate safety standards for the protection of yourself and other laboratory personnel under your supervision while handling human postmortem brain tissue.
    2. SINGLE USE AGREEMENT. This acknowledges you responsibility in not distributing any portion of the tissue disbursement to colleagues or other investigators, and that all such inquiries will be directed to the Southwest Brain Bank Director.
Southwest Brain Bank Acknowledgement Agreement. This will indicate that you have agreed to provide specific acknowledgement of the Southwest Brain Bank and its Federal grant number in any publications related to the use of these tissues.